4 Cuts You Should Know How to Make and the Best Tool for the Job


A crosscut is easily the most well known cut. It is very simple to cut with almost anything-miter saw, table saw, band saw, circular/skill saw, or even the jigsaw. A crosscut is made when you cut the wood across the grain. Usually, when you buy lumber the grain goes in one direction-end to end. This means if you even chopped it up to fit in the garage, you’ve made a crosscut.


Miter (or mitre)

A miter, also known as an cut angle, is when you make a joint between two pieces of wood at a 90* angle. It looks fancy, and is used in many different designs-decorative or functional. It is most commonly used in piping, crown molding, baseboard, and picture frames. The easiest tool to cut a miter with is the miter saw, hence the name.



A beveled edge is an edge of two pieces of wood that are not perpendicular to the face of the piece. In other words, it’s just an angled cut on the end of a board. It is often used in candle holders.The easiest tools to make one with are compound miter saws, circular saws, and table saws.



A rip is when you make a long cut across the length of a board, cutting in the direction of the grain. Let’s say you have a 2×4 and you want to make 2x2s. You don’t have to specifically buy 2x2s, you can just make 2x2s out of the 2x4s! 2x4s are big and boxy if you’re making furniture, so 2x2s are better anyway. It is best made with a table saw or a skill saw.


I hope you learned something.




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