Rustic Wooden Coasters-How to Cut, Sand and Seal Them

When I first started making money off of woodworking, I started with small projects. I made phone stands, wooden toys, and these brilliant wooden coasters that always seemed to sell out really quickly. Today, I want to show you exactly what I did to make these bestselling rustic wooden coasters.


You will need:


  • Hand saw or cordless Sawzall(optional)
  • A tree(cut your own or buy one)
  • A saw (can be a hand saw, but a miter saw works the best)
  • Warm place for the coasters to dry
  • Sandpaper-110 grit and 220 grit
  • Varnish of your choice
  • Paintbrush


First of all, you have to find a tree. You can purchase one from a tree farm, but that can be kind of expensive. If you live near a forest, go to a quiet spot and cut down a tree, but only if there are a lot of trees around it. We don’t need anyone messing up large areas in the trees. If you plan on doing this multiple times, then I suggest you buy, but if your doing this only once you should be okay. Just don’t cut down trees on public property. Cut all of the branches off, as you won’t be needing those. Take the trunk back to your shop or cutting area.


I am using a miter saw in this example. Take the trunk into your shop, and make sure to keep the log against the rail of the miter saw. Because of this, if your tree is somewhat straight, the coasters will all be the same width throughout. When you’re cutting the trunk into discs, you want the width to be somewhere between a ½ inch and ¾ of an inch. I recommend using ½ inch thickness, but that’s just me. They should also be somewhat circular and around 3 ½ inches across the surface. When you’re done cutting, it’s time to move onto the next step.


Ok, here’s where the sandpaper comes in. First, use the 110 grit to sand off all the excess park on the edges until it is smooth to the touch. You also want to use the 110 to smooth the surface on both sides. Put these in the same room as before for a day, just to make sure they’re dry. The next day, take the 220 and go over all of them, making sure there are no rough spots. You may even need to use 110 or 150 on the second day, because drying them a second time may create new spots that require sanding. Now, it’s time to varnish.


Varnish-it’s beautiful isn’t it? It seals the wood without ruining the look.I’m not particularly partial to a certain brand, so mine just says polyurethane-same thing. You can take your pick on varnish, but I find that the non-brand-name varnishes are cheaper. Apply a generous amount to all surfaces on the coasters, but make sure there are no lines from the pain brush and no drips, as these will just make your life a hell of a lot more difficult. Let these dry-it should say how long it takes to dry on the can. When the amount of time on the can has passed, sand the coasters one last time with 220 grit sandpaper, then apply a second coat. Once that has dried, your coasters are ready for use!


Well, there you go. These are a perfect addition to your dining room,or can even be sold for a pretty penny. If you sell furniture, you can include a couple of these when you make a sale, and maybe even burn the bottom with your logo so your customers know where to find you when they realize they can’t get enough of your products. Enjoy.





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