Brilliant DIY Wooden Phone Stand

Have you ever been sitting in bed, or waiting for dinner at the table? We all have. What’s the first thing humans do when we get bored? We go on our phone and watch YouTube or Netflix. Well, this phone stand just made your life a lot easier.


You will need:

  • Table saw
  • Crosscut sled
  • Sander or sandpaper, 150 grit
  • Scrap wood, 2 pieces
  • Manual sandpaper, 150 grit
  • Adhesive felt(optional)
  • Linseed oil


First, size the scrap wood. Take an inch thick board, and square one end of it. Set your table saw to 17*. Make a mark one inch into your board, and set the table saw blade to a ½ inch thickness. Use the crosscut sled to make a cut on the inch mark. Keep moving the fence a sixteenth over and pushing it through the saw, and keep doing this until the hole is the same width as your phone or tablet. Cut a rip in the board. I cut mine at 2 inches. I then measured 8 inches from the end of the board with the cuts, and chopped it. Now, it’s time for sanding.


I threw my phone stand on the belt sander, until it was completely smooth. I then took some manual sandpaper, and wrapped it around the edge of a piece of scrap wood. Insert the wood into the crack, and use the sandpaper until it is smooth. Cut a piece of felt to size, and stick it in the groove. Apply linseed oil to the whole thing, and wait for it to dry.

I hope this phone stand makes your life easier… Enjoy your Netflix!




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