5 of the Easiest, Simplest Outdoor Adirondack Chairs


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Has anyone ever wanted to go sit outside in the yard, but you can’t seem to get comfortable? You find a milk crate, or a really unstable stool that keeps tipping over and causing you to take a not-so-dignified tumble into the grass-soaking you in the early morning dew. As pretty as the dew is to look at in the grass, I’m guessing you don’t particularly want to sit in it. You go inside, and search up outdoor furniture. Let’s face it-not everybody can afford brand new furniture, so this post is teaching you how to make your very own outdoor seats, adirondack chairs do be more specific. Make one for your family, your friends, and have a party! I hope you enjoy them.



From Ana White’s Blog

Build it!



From Hometalk

Build it!



From Pallet Furniture Plans

Build it!



From Woodarchivists

Build it!



From Black and Decker (the coffee machine company)

Build it!



From 1o1 Pallets

Build it!

Thanks for reading!

Psst. These chairs are great and all, but sometimes they can be a little boring on their own-bland even. I know exactly the thing to spice them up a bit, give them a little taste-wine! Wine can solve everything, and it’s considered to be very exotic. Again, wine racks are really expensive, so allow me to teach you, every step of the way, how to make your own exotic wine rack! I hope you enjoy your adirondack chairs and wine.

I’ll be in the shop.




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