10 Power Tools You Need In Your Shop!


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10 Power Tools You Need In Your Shop!

Heads Up!

This is power tools- I’m assuming you already have clamps, squares, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and all other necessary hand tools.

  1. Thickness plane and jointer
  2. Table saw
  3. Miter saw
  4. Orbital sander and handheld belt sander
  5. Drills and drill bits
  6. Work table and sawhorse
  7. Router
  8. Circular saw
  9. Jigsaw
  10. Power-Hand Plane

Now, let’s go into a bit more detail

Power Hand Plane

If we’re being totally honest, I’ve actually never owned one of these, but I intend to as soon as possible. Even if you have a thickness plane, you can never really beat the feeling of being alone in the shop-just you and the wood. It also has different uses that you just can’t achieve with a traditional thickness plane.


The jigsaw might not be my most used tool, as I do mostly crosscuts with the miter saw or skill saw. It might not be able to replace your table saw. But when you use it, there is really nothing else that could achieve the same thing. Even if you have a scroll saw or a band saw, you can’t take a plunge cut like you can with the jig. The jigsaw is the perfect addition to your shop.

Circular Saw, or Skill Saw

Great for making crosscut’s, efficient, and can be modded with a longer cord and a sky hook for framing. It can be dangerous, but it’s somewhat safe if you don’t attempt anything out of your skill and comfort zone. Can be used to cut bevels, which do look very good if you are a decorator,and it is a must for a finish carpenter.


This is more for the weekend woodworkers and the furniture designers, a router is really useful in many situations. Pretty much any wooden items you can see in your home have been routed. It’s the gentle rounding on the edge of a table leg, the nice lip on the bottom of a dining table. A router adds a nice touch to work, and gives an authentic look to your work.

Work Table, Sawhorses

The other tools in this post are not branded, as I don’t particularly favor a certain brand. For this one, I strongly suggest you use the Pegasus Worx Workbench and Sawhorse, as it is small but it can hold 1000 lbs-thats a lot of weight. Also, you can pack them up and put them in the corner, and only have them out when you need them. It can be a workbench, fold down into a sawhorse, and even hold sacrificial 2x4s. It’s perfect!

Power Drills, Cordless

These are not always used, but they are pretty much an essential in a shop. They can be used for drilling holes and driving screws, or for drilling holes and then driving screws. It is also very useful to have several tenon cutters, which basically allow you to turn the end of a piece of wood into a dowel.

Orbital Sander, Palm Sander

These are essential for pretty much everything, We’ve all been there-hands getting sore from hand sanding out burn marks from the planer, wondering how you could avoid this. Well, the orbital sander or palm sander is your solution. Whether it’s fine work, wood toys, wood furniture, or even sanding out burn marks, the orbital sander or palm sander is pretty much the answer to your next problem.

Miter Saw, Mitre Saw

Pretty much the easiest way to make accurate crosscuts. It’s useful for cutting on angles, traditionally 45*, but it can also cut compound bevels, for an added touch. It’s usefull in almost all cutting situations, and can be folded up and locked in a safe position for travel, or so it can take up less space in the shop. A great tool all around, not really that dangerous if you use it correctly. So go ahead, purchase a miter saw-you won’t regret it.

Table Saw

This one is somewhat dangerous, but sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit. Table saws are the easiest saws to rip boards with, as you can just push your board through the saw blade and keep it against the fence and you end up with a perfectly straight board. You can also use it to take longer crosscuts if you make or purchase a table saw cradle. If nothing else, the table saw definitely sounds really cool-just hit the button, adjust the fence, and make the cut!

Thickness Plane and Jointer

These tools, even if you don’t have any other tools on this list, will make your life a hell of a lot easier. It makes sure you get a perfectly straight board, and all your boards are the same thickness. If you are looking to sand off a large layer, or remove the weathering from the board, the thickness planer can really help. The jointer can be used to square off the one side of the board, and then you can decide on the width with the table saw. Combining a thickness plane, and jointer, and a table saw all together, gives you a great idea of a perfect board. Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed-I can’t dictate what tools you use, but hey-I can for sure give my professional opinion. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, I know it was fun to write. I hope to see you on my next post-don’t forget to like and follow for more awesome tips for the weekend woodworkers. Happy woodworking!


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