How To Find Woodworking Plans Online

Let’s face it-when we search up something online, there are a lot of options. Those options can either be good or bad. There are many different ways these projects can come out, but most often there will the faulty plans, many of which will only look good on paper. Today, we have done extensive research (except on 3) to find out which search engines are best for finding woodworking plans.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest has gotten a bad rap over the years, that it’s just for old ladies craft ideas. Well, maybe that’s because woodworking isn’t as popular as it used to be. To anyone who has ever used a computer before, you would think that just a simple search of woodworking in pinterest would be obvious. Well, somehow many people don’t realize this, and stay away from pinterest altogether.


This one might be pretty obvious to most, but google is usually labeled too simple and incredible. While this may be true, it is definitely the fastest. If a project doesn’t work out, you can literally just click on the next link to find a new idea. It pretty much makes up quality for quantity. While some of the posts on google are incredible, many of them are perfectly fine.


Well, there are two things about being small-one is good and one is bad. The good news, there is less room for haters, critique, and there are too few people for us to have a reputation. Unfortunately, there is also fewer web visits, and even fewer people talking about us by word of mouth. You might not have realized, but you can find great plans and ideas on our site! Just go to the home page and check out our posts!


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