7 Cheap, Fast, Simple Table Plans Anyone Can Make!

We all know that furniture can be really expensive. Some of the more costly furniture even offers financing, it’s so expensive. Well, say goodbye to store-bought furniture, because you’re just about to find out how to furnish your whole home with Entzcrafted’s brand new furniture series! I built all of my furniture in my house from the ground up, and saved myself a lot of money. With this new series, you can save money too!

Just as a heads up, some of these projects might need some basic power tools, but many, if you’re careful, can be done with just hand tools.


This simple, DIY farmhouse table can be build with or without the matching benches! I can see it already: having a really big family gathering with all the relatives sitting around the table, and you can say you made it yourself! A perfect table for anyone interested in pottery barn.

Build this table:


A quick, simple farmhouse table that would look best on hardwood floors, but I feel like it would fit into any background. By the looks of it, much of it could be made out of reclaimed pallet wood, and would require little or no power tools.

Build this table:

Table 3

A nice old-fashioned looking table. The top is stained, so you could change the color of your stain if you feel you must. The picture is in the workshop, right after it was built, but I can already see it in my kitchen, standing straight and tall while the kids spill their food all over it.

Build this table:


This is one of the more expensive tables, but definitely still cheaper than other dining sets. This table is unique from the other ones, as it would work outside if you needed it to. It would cost about $300 to make, but if this is out of your budget you can make separate chairs, which will be in another post.

Build this table:


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a picture of the finished product, but you can already tell it will look good. Her stain colour is just right, and it uses what looks like 2x8s for a really rustic look. This will fit in your kitchen if you really like rustic.

Build this table:


Wow, this table takes my breath away. The wicker chairs complete the look, but these might be out of your budget. Again, search my blog for a post on chairs. The whole white, bright, plain but decorated kitchen is really nice, and the table is perfect to top it off.

Build this table:


This looks like a simpler, cheaper, and a little more comfortable than the other table and bench set above. I really like the white and the stain, they go really well together. I can already see an Entzcrafted serving tray on the top, holding a warm Christmas Dinner.

Build this table:

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you found a nice, rustic farmhouse table for your kitchen and your family.


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