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My name is Phallon. I love to play around with woodworking projects, and I’m constantly training in MMA (mixed martial arts). My dream was always to fight in the UFC, to be just like Conor McGregor. Born and raised in Canada-the great, white north. I used to love hockey. I managed to play for the school team but then the rink got shut down and it was all over, unfortunately for me. That was the end of my hockey career. To be honest, my last few years in high school made me realize how indecisive I was. I tend to rush into things, but then be ready for the next thing in three minutes. I watched Adventure Time and wanted to be an explorer. Then I saw Brojects and wanted to be a carpenter (which I still do a lot). Then I saw Suits and I wanted to be a lawyer. You can see the pattern. I suppose it’s good I never watched Breaking Bad. Please, feel free to take a look around. Take your time, enjoy yourself, learn something.